Employee Onboarding Process – NulTien Practices

What is an onboarding process? Nul Tien focuses on onboarding as soon as a candidate accepts a job offer. The duration of the onboarding process is a relative matter and depends both on our organization and the employee. 
Therefore, the process can sometimes last up to a couple of months until the employee feels fully onboarded. The entire process depends on a multitude of factors, including processes offered by the company, resources, the candidate’s experience level, and their former work environment. 

The Nul Tien Onboarding Process

The employee experience process begins when an employee signs a contract. The first stage of the process is pre-onboarding, and it’s divided into three segments: 
1. Technical onboarding
2. Administrative onboarding
3. HR onboarding
All onboarding processes are pre-configured so that the colleagues who participate in the onboarding process are notified right after the date of the candidate’s first working day is agreed upon.

Technical Onboarding

The first stage of technical onboarding starts immediately after a candidate signs a contract and encompasses the workstation setup, gifts, gadgets, and other work-related things. In this stage, there’s a section dedicated to software and hardware, and we address it by supplying the candidate with all the necessary work equipment, including emails, accounts, licences, VPN, Skype groups, conference calendar rooms, etc. 
The second stage of the onboarding process also includes team coordination where the new employee works with a team to devise their future workflow and receives all the necessary project-related materials and a dedicated mentor for assistance and guidance.

Administrative Onboarding

The administrative stage of the onboarding process involves numerous activities around the contract and NDA, health insurance application, company policy, ID cards, business cards, and other administrative and legal procedures
Administrative onboarding is very important because it’s practical and introduces the new employee to the company’s procedures. If done right, it can be extremely efficient, as it provides the basis for starting a collaboration with the new hire.

HR Onboarding 

The HR stage of the onboarding process is reserved for negotiating the offer, defining a start date, defining the contract signing date, collecting the necessary contract information, coordination between colleagues responsible for the technical and administrative stages, and supplying the new employee with the required documentation along with a welcome letter, so they know as much as possible about working in our company.  
The candidate is welcomed with an onboarding document that contains inside information on the company in the goal of reducing any stress involved with starting out. The document contains inside information on the work atmosphere, dress code, vacation days, and important work-related processes as well.

The First Couple of Days

For the employee, the first day starts at the time agreed upon. The first day is characterized by a relaxed atmosphere where the employee sets up their office and gets introduced to their colleagues and the project. They are getting to know their work environment and where everything is within the company. We also include a lunch with colleagues as a part of the welcome, which is the ideal situation to get to know each other better and talk about non-work related subjects. 
During day one, the HR manager and the new colleague sit down for a short orienteering conversation regarding all the details on the daily work routine, including the team, colleagues, company culture, documentation, the time of lunch breaks, time tracking, or any unclarities we can help with. 
We use this meeting to help clear as many dilemmas as possible and to make it easy for our new colleague to understand their new environment, and to outline the importance of healthy communication between the company and its employees.

The Point of Onboarding at Nul Tien

The point of our onboarding process is to help the new colleague feel welcomed, accepted, and supported by the rest of the team from day one, as well as to help them enjoy it without thinking about how much work and effort was put into devising and organizing everything. The three processes work in parallel to ensure the success of onboarding. 
Our team helps the new employee slowly learn more about the project and is responsible for neatly introducing them into the company’s practices regarding development and teamwork. Informal updates, follow-ups, and feedback exchanges are continually applied in order to evaluates if everything is going well and if the new employee is aligned with the project and the team. 
After the trial period, which according to the contract lasts six months, we have a talk with the employee discussing their time spent in Nul Tien thus far where the local director takes time to discuss and share opinions regarding the months ahead. At this point, the orienteering is still in progress, and the team and tech leads work hard to keep a high level of communication and ensure all the processes unfold as planned. 
After one year, there’s an evaluation of the employees work performance during which they get feedback and set new career plans and expectations. The meeting is used for aligning the expectations of the employee with the strategic plans of the company and for defining the goals for the employee’s future improvement and development.


What is the point of this kind of onboarding? How do you measure its quality? The quality of our onboarding process is measured by looking at the level of harmonization between what the candidate first experienced and what they got out of their Nul Tien onboarding journey, whether mutual expectations were fulfilled successfully.
We also observe how fast the candidate fit in, how well the team reacted to the arrival of the new employee, and how successful the trial period was. These are just some of the parameters that show the effectiveness of our onboarding process and whether Nul Tien managed to successfully complete this task.
We want to hear what you think. If you know of better practices or have any suggestions, we’re always open to exchanging experiences and knowledge. If you’d like to talk about this or any other topic, feel free to send us an email to hr@nultien.rs.