Quests done

Financial sector

These security feature offer comprehensive voice security solutions that deliver complete protection from the start to the end of every call-in transaction.


  • Payment Card Industry Phone Payments
  • Call Recording
  • Call Archive
  • Phone Fraud Detection
  • Speech Analytics


.NET Core | C#

Tax administration

Solution that improves client-accountant communications during tax season and beyond. It is a cloud based web application.

This feature helps tax advisors who want to keep their clients up-to-date and entrepreneurs who want expert fiscal know-how. It is an innovative and reliable application for tax and accounting professionals.


ASP.NET Standard | ASP.NET Core CSS | LESS jQuery | KnockoutJS | MVC | Web API | SQL Server | Azure | Blob | Azure |DocumentDb | Redis | Solr

Dependency injection:

Unity | Autofac

Enterprise Resource Planning

Project for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This software supports HR, sales, and purchase business process management. Employer manages employee’s data, projects, sales contracts, sales assignments, purchase contracts, and purchase assignments.

It also manages accounting and integrates data from employee timesheets.


Web API | AngularJS | SQL

Traffic control

This project is a program for controlling traffic and interactive vehicle tracking for a particular legal entity. Devices monitor the GPS coordinates of vehicles for tracking. A device may also be installed to regulate movement of vehicles, as well as monitor weather conditions and speed…

Project includes innovative solutions, like real-time travel reporting and connections to the traffic management center.


SQL Server | NHibernate | ASP .NET MVC | ASP .NET | Web API | AngularJS | TypeScript | HTML | CSS | Less | Bootstrap

Parking purchasing

Web application that allows residents and visitors of various towns across the Netherlands to request and manage permits and subscriptions for parking spaces.

Depending on different validations the requests will be granted or denied. The application itself is integrated with a number of external services that integrate with parking management team systems to provide validation of user requests and enable real-time enforcement.


Betty Blocks platform | C# | Angular 4

Health care

Project that has objective to achieve a significant improvement of the administration of patient data, the cooperation in healthcare chain and to work more efficiently as ambulance provider.

The Project is for the seven different ambulance organizations, one of them is also the largest in the Netherlands.

The organization provides ambulance care in five regional ambulance facilities in the Netherlands.

Patient Management System:
Part I – front office application that medical workers use on their tablets in ambulance
Part II – back office part,used for invoicing and analyses.
The system has an integration with a large number of driving services (ie. sending information about the location) and services in the healthcare chain.


C# | UWP EF Core | Web API | AngularJS

This project is being developed for a software company which provides software solutions to healthcare organizations. These software solutions can be used to track the safety and health of chronically ill or elderly patient by providing him or her with device that acts as an alarm that alert authorities and doctors in the event of a health emergency.

This software offers messaging & communication, monitoring, personal security, professional care, access control, nurse call system, and more.


Web API | ASP.NET | SQL Server 2016 | Microsoft Azure | React | Entity framework | OData


We developed a software solution for logistic professionals.

It acts as a tracking system for shipping, specifically for tracking the transport of high-value cargo.

The app monitors the movement of a high-value cargo with all metrics. It warns of insecure areas, creating a path for moving and sending alerts if the high-value cargo is rerouted, or if the high-value cargo is opened in route…


.NET CORE | AZURE (functions, storage, KeyVault, Sql, Cosmos Db, NoSql) | Angular 5

Mergers and Acquisition

This is a multi-tenant, web-based Virtual Data Room for M&A and real estate being offered as a SaaS solution, which enables secure document sharing, collaboration, and detailed auditing capabilities. As security is a top concern and the data room must support litigation processes, it has been certified in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security standard.


NET | C# | Selenium & C# (testing) | NUnit | SQL | Git | Angular


  1. How can we help?

    We have international Know-How in delivering high-end solutions to serious businesses of various size.

  2. What kind of services do we offer?

    You can delegate your needs on different levels to us: hosted services, complete projects or products, development or testing only, consultancy or resourcing

  3. With which skills?

    From Business Analysis, Design, Project Management, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Hosting, Support and Maintenance.

  4. On which technologies?

    We provide solutions on the latest Microsoft technologies. like Azure, .NET framework, MS SQL…

  5. What about tools?

    We already have all the tools that are needed for development, so you do not have to worry about licensing costs, installation and configuration any of the tools needed for delivering the solution. There is no overhead for you in setting up any of the required tools, e.g. for version control, development IDEs, issue tracking, project management, governance, testing, collaboration (email, VoIP, etc.), time tracking, invoicing, etc.

  6. How does the collaboration work?

    We have different collaboration scenarios, including both those with or without our resources on-site. We are used to agile development and all of our resources are experienced in direct communication with the client.

  7. When to approach us?

    As soon as you have an idea, we can help you defining the solution. Feel free to contact us even in case you still have some doubts or concerns and are not sure how to address those. With our prior experience we can help you defining the requirements and fine tune your envisioned solution.

  8. WHY US?

    Our teams can provide the optimal mix of having local resources onsite, for effective communication, and offsite resources, which are very productive, but cost saving, and can show up at your office at short notice.