What Senior Software Developers Look for in a Job

There comes a time when a software engineer outgrows their role and decides to find a new and potentially exciting opportunity. And according to a recent survey by CodinGame, scoring a higher salary usually isn’t the main reason.

Namely, 20% of all surveyed software developers said the main reason for considering a particular job offer was having interesting problems to solve. This requirement was followed by flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance at 18.5%, while salary came in third place at just 13%.

This article looks at what most senior software developers consider when looking to switch to a new job. It also reflects on what Nul Tien offers to senior developers on the lookout for a fulfilling position.

Healthy Work-Life Balance and Teamwork

According to the World Happiness Report 2020, most developers will be happy with a healthy-work life balance. It’s not only about shorter working hours, but also the overall flexibility to make your own schedule, work from home, etc.

Other important determining factors were trust, collaboration, and support between colleagues. A great majority of surveyed developers stated they would prefer working in a “supportive,” “cooperative,” “diverse,” and “passionate” team.

Nul Tien knows the importance of a healthy work-life balance, which is why our developers work flexible working hours. They’re free to organize their own workday and make a custom work schedule. Most software engineers enjoy having this level of autonomy, as it increases their productivity and work satisfaction.

Teamwork is an important factor for developers looking to jump in on an ongoing project with new people. Nul Tien understands the value of a strong team and organizes different types of team-building events to bring coworkers closer together.

Opportunity to Work With New Technologies

Based on the data from Stack Overflow’s comprehensive survey of 65,000 developers, most software engineers appreciate having the chance to experiment with new technologies. Namely, 51% of the correspondents put “Languages, frameworks, and other technologies I’d be working with” on the top of their wish list.

What this shows is that developers prefer environments where they get the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies. Developers are constant learners — they must keep their skill set updated at all times to keep up with ever-evolving software.

Experienced software developers still appreciate being able to grow, both professionally and personally. Nul Tien’s developers have the opportunity to work with modern technologies, allowing them to stay on top of the emerging trends and ahead of the technology curve at all times.

Enjoyable Workspace and Interesting Projects

Senior developers working in challenging environments appreciate being able to work in pleasant office spaces. Well-designed offices allow for better cooperation, a higher level of focus, the ability to wind down after a complex task, and other important activities.

Most software engineers thrive in a strong but enjoyable corporate culture. They’re looking for a solid work environment, good benefits, as well as interesting and challenging projects. They want to do things that really matter and make an impact on a more profound level.

Nul Tien offers senior developers an abundance of chances for professional and personal growth. Our software engineers have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects using state-of-the-art technology.

Nul Tien’s team in Belgrade consists of front- and back-end developers, DevOps, local team and technical leads, a business analyst, QA testers, and support engineers. The team is working on web and mobile applications for international clients operating across several different niches.

Thriving Company Culture

Company culture remains one of the top priorities for developers looking into job opportunities. It refers to the goals, values, attitudes, and practices that characterize a company. Organizations with thriving cultures foster great communication within the workplace. They nurture strong values, have a powerful knowledge-sharing community, create personalized employee experiences, etc.

All of the above is why most software engineers are usually looking for something more than just paying rent. They want to be challenged in their daily activities, have their contributions valued, make friends at the office, etc. Basically, they want to feel good for the amount of work they are putting in.

Nul Tien provides developers with a range of convenient benefits to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing, including:

  • Remote work
  • Private health insurance
  • 21+ day annual leave
  • Extra days off
  • Free legal assistance
  • Home office budget
  • Team budget
  • Shared team equipment
  • Custom benefits
  • Etc.

Experienced job seekers appreciate companies that offer special benefits, and these are always viewed as a bonus. Software engineers working for Nul Tien have the option to relax in a designated room and make use of the playroom or the yoga room. Moreover, the company organizes team buildings, including team trips abroad, dinners, happy hours, etc.

Opportunities for Professional Development

When evaluating new job roles, a great majority of developers focus on opportunities for professional development. Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever, and it’s only logical for software engineers to focus on continuing their education.

Software engineers need to constantly learn new workflows, frameworks, and languages, or they may risk getting left behind. Senior developers are well aware of this fact and are looking for a company that lets them grow and develop.

Nul Tien is one such company, as it provides senior developers with a number of possibilities for professional and personal growth. Working in a team of experienced developers is another huge advantage. A collaborative atmosphere based on the Scrum/Agile methodology allows for increased efficiency in problem-solving, as well as better adaptation to new technologies and processes. 

Nul Tien also invests in maintaining a strong culture of knowledge-sharing while following some of the best coding practices, including clean code, SOLID, design patterns, and code review. We encourage knowledge-sharing through internal discussions, pair programming, mentoring, and informal discussions.

The company also offers an annual education budget, unlimited budget for digital literature and hard copies, as well access to a number of useful educational courses.


Some senior developers don’t look at salary as the number-one priority when searching for a new job, but there are many other things they take into account. They are after a healthy work-life balance and want to work in a supportive and positive environment. They value teamwork and consider it an important factor in running successful projects.

Most software engineers want to work with new and cutting-edge technologies and are constantly on a learning path. They prefer working on interesting projects in enjoyable and pleasant workspaces. They value company culture and see it as an important factor when searching for a job.

Nul Tien understands what senior developers are looking for, which is why it fosters a thriving company culture and offers a range of benefits and flexible work options for its employees. From their state-of-the-art technology to cosy offices, Nul Tien has superb opportunities for senior developers looking to unleash their full potential.